#Rosévibes Grow in Brooklyn: A Weekend With Yes Way Rosé

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Hi there! We’re Erica + Nikki of Yes Way Rosé, two ladies–and best friends–in New York City, with a serious sweet spot for summer's greatest beverage: Rosé. On @yeswayrose, we share our passion for the refreshing, pink-hued wine (which we lovingly refer to as “summer water”) along with the many ways we enjoy it. (You can read more about us here) We also touch on a few of our other great loves, like music, fashion, and art, but do it all through rosé-colored lenses. We call all of this goodness #rosévibes.

Last weekend we tried out Club W’s three awesome Rosés available for summer and documented all of our fun, #rosévibe-filled activities for you. Read about our Brooklyn shenanigans here, and share #rosévibes on your pics until July 31st for a chance to win a fun Rosé Summer Kit courtesy of Club W and Yes Way Rosé. We'll be looking at all your #rosévibes posts and choosing our three favorite photos at the end of the month to name the winners!

This is the true story, of three Rosés, picked to be tasted, live with us, and have their lives instagrammed, to find out what happens, when people stop being polite, and start drinking Rosé.

We carpe diem-ed our Summer Friday and got the party started early in Red Hook, tie-dying Yes Way Rosé totés with our wildly-talented new friend Audrey Louise Reynolds. Audrey makes incredible natural dyes and made us a beautiful, deep pink concoction using fresh ingredients like beets and berries. It seemed only fitting to start with the Rosé that matched the dye closest in color, so we broke out the 2013 Relevé Rosé from Costières de Nîmes, France; a vibrant and full-flavored rosé with a crisp, dry finish. After our epic tie-dyeing afternoon, we grabbed some food at The Good Fork in Red Hook, made a pit stop in Williamsburg to put the rest of the Rosé in the freezer to make ice cubes (our signature recipe), and headed to Bushwick to hear a friend’s band play. The band was rad, but after spending a couple of hours in a sweaty basement, the spritzer we made with the Rosé cubes and a splash of club soda was like heaven on earth.

Audrey Louise Reynolds roséd to the occasion with her beautiful garden and dyes, making our dreams come true for some one-of-a-kind Yes Way Rosé totés. 

We Relevéd and brought out our first bottle to match.

Behold the magical hostess in her natural habitat.

What's black and white and Rosé all over? These bad boys.

Hot summer nights call for Rosé on ice, or just Rosé ice. #iceicebébé

There’s no shortage of activities in New York City during the summertime. We’ve both never really chilled in Brooklyn Bridge Park, so we grabbed the 2013 Coquine Rosé from Rogue Valley, Oregon and headed to Dumbo to explore the many lunch options in the park, and enjoy our food with a view. We opted for lobster rolls from Luke’s, where for $2 extra you can get chips and a soda. Pro tip: With a lobster roll always choose BBQ chips and a Sanpellegrino Limonata or Aranciata as the side dishes. Having a glass of Rosé in addition makes it a full, well-balanced meal, and while we know drinking in public is technically illegal, Rosé is a gray area, right? It’s at least a pink area, so we weren’t too stressed about it. After a sunny lunch and shady siesta, we packed up and hopped on the ferry to the South Street Seaport. There was a pop-up shop there, sort of a mini mall with cool designers we wanted to check out, so we did a little window shopping and stumbled upon a ping pong table. Score! Ping pong is one of our favorite sports. Just call us Rosé Gump. 

Kick back, relax and enjoy the Rosé. 

BBQ flavored chips are one of our summer essentials. #protip

Cotton candy, sweet and low, let me see that lobster roll.

Anchors Rosé.   

We heart NY and these mugs.  

Game, set, Rosé at the Ambrosé Surf Club.  

The theme for Sunday was work, culture, play. We opted for work first, so started by packing up a bunch of toté orders. It may sound boring, but shipping totes is a great time for us to catch up. We opened the 2013 Wonderful Rosé Wine Co Rosé from Castilla y León, Spain; a vegan, all-natural, very Provence-like dry Rosé, and talked shop. Since we went to high school together, this can range from our feelings about a Rosé we’ve recently tried, to an unfortunate photo we’ve come across on Instagram. After several rolls of tape and a glass of wine each, we swung by Kara Walker’s incredible exhibit at the old Domino Sugar Factory on the waterfront in Williamsburg. Walker’s beautiful work reminds us how sweet our lives are, but the vibe is bittersweet because the iconic Domino building is slated to be demolished and redeveloped. If you're in New York though, put this at the top of your list before it closes on July 6th. We then made our way to Greenpoint to watch USA play in the World Cup with friends at their awesome apartment. USA doesn’t win, but doesn’t lose either. We played Cornhole in their yard before heading back to Williamsburg for one last glass of Rosé a la roof.  

Never not working: our essential packing tools.  

We like our art full of sugar, but not our Rosé.

Kate moss said it best, “Nothing tastes as good as Rosé feels.”  

We had our own world cup game of Rosé vs Beer. Guess which team we were on?

Sunday, Rosé Sunday. #rosévibes #summerwater #yeswayrosé

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