White Wines for Red Wine Drinkers

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As the weather is warming up across the country and everyone is gearing up for summer, sometimes nothing can be more satisfying than a cold glass of white wine. However, some people heavily prefer or only drink red wines. Not only are whites more refreshing when it’s hot outside, but they also tend to pair more easily with different foods. Even for the typical red wine drinker, there’s no denying the appeal of white wine. Therefore, here are some types of white wine that might help ease the red wine drinkers into the world of white wine.

1. Fuller bodied whites

Red wines tend to have less acidity than white wines mainly due to the differences in the winemaking processes (specifically due to malolactic fermentation and the aging process). Wines such as Viognier, Marsanne, and Roussanne may appeal more to red wine drinkers because they tend to be fuller bodied and have less acidity than most other white wines. Also, although these white wines are aromatic, Viognier is often used to blend into red wines to add complexity.

2. Orange wine

Orange wine is white wine that starts its life like a red wine because it has contact with the grape skins. The skin-contact that orange wines go through impart tannins and texture that make them appeal more to red wine drinkers. Orange wines are a nice balance of the characteristics in both white and red wines because they are refreshing while being full-bodied. They are also extremely versatile when it comes to pairing with food.

Image via @junerodil

3. Oak-aged white

A white wine that is aged in oak has similar flavors (vanilla, spice) and a similar mouth feel to red wines that are aged in oak as well. White wines aged in oak often also go through malolactic fermentation, reducing the acidity in the wine and further increasing their appeal to red wine drinkers. Although it is more common for red wines to be aged in oak than white, a lot of Chardonnays (especially from California) are aged in oak as well as some Sauvignon Blancs (called Fumé Blancs).