My Second Box of Club W: Food, Family and Friends

Category: Life

After I had so much fun tasting and trying my first box of Club W wine, I was excited when my 2nd box arrived a month later. Wanting to find a time to share the wine with my whole family, I decided to open up a bottle for Easter. The weather was nice enough to sit outside, so the Jolie Folle Rosé was the perfect choice to celebrate the warm weather and the fact that it’s spring.  I put together a cheese plate with honey and fig paste. The cheeses were a triple cream (always a must in my mind), a soft blue, a wine soaked toscano cheese, and a goat's milk brie. The Rosé was super refreshing but still had enough structure to hold up to all the cheeses. The combination of wine and cheese was loved by all (including my more than just a little discerning uncle!)

One of my friends’ favorite places to go to dinner in Santa Monica is Cha Cha Chicken because the food is delicious and cheap, the atmosphere is fun, and they have free BYOB! I brought along a bottle of the Oliver Row Cabernet Franc to dinner one night with a group of friends. The strength of the wine complemented the spice of the jerk chicken with fried plantains really well. Although my friends switched over to Coors Light when the wine disappeared quickly, at least we got one good glass of wine in before that happened!

I was vegetarian for a couple years but if there was one thing that made me start eating meat again it was turkey! I just absolutely love it in all forms, but especially in turkey burgers. With the warm weather in Los Angeles, it was the perfect excuse to grill up some turkey burgers with a nice crisp white wine. The minerality of the Poor Man’s Pinot Blanc was the perfect complement to the juicy turkey burger and the salty homemade sweet potato fries.

For Mother’s Day, my mom asked my brother and me for a tall order – homemade paella. My brother and I reluctantly accepted the challenge. My family loves paella chock full of seafood, but that can pose a challenge when cooking it in the rice. Therefore, we grilled the big pieces of seafood on the BBQ and then just cooked the more delicate seafood in the rice. I chose the Redux Sauvignon Blanc to pair with the paella mostly because my wine supply was running low already, but the crispness of the Sauvignon Blanc ended up paired amazingly with the seafood. Everyone agreed that the pairing elevated both the wine and the food.

I can’t wait to keep trying new wines and to continue experimenting with pairings!

Written by Club W Member Brooke Matthias, California