Yes Way Rosé: Why You Need To Drink Pink Right Now

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Nikki Huganir & Erica Blumenthal are the ladies behind Yes Way Rosé - a retail line and photo blog that celebrates the joy of all that is the pink drink. Because rosé, after all, is so much more than just a delicious beverage; it's an idea, a behavior, a lifestyle. And we love the passion behind the way Yes Way Rosé shares it. Plus, you know when Vogue calls it the summer's most popular drink, they're on to something - and we think you should be too! Start pouring pink and jump on in. The #rosévibes are feeling just fine. 

When did your love affair with rosé begin? 
Our love affair began two years ago, during a fun summer in New York City. We noticed rosé was being served at some of our favorite Brooklyn restaurants, started trying them, and it quickly changed the game for our summer. While we can’t recall the exact glass that started it all, there is one moment we can pinpoint: Over dinner one night at Gemma at the Bowery Hotel we realized rosé had become so ubiquitous in our lives and in conversations that we began calling it “summer water.” That was the first rosé-based inside joke that would inspire us to start Yes Way Rosé a year later.  

Why did you decide to start Yes Way Rosé?
As best friends, we are constantly trying to make each other laugh and the more we got into rosé, the more we realized we were constantly cracking each other up about it. We had developed so many jokes and sayings as our rosé experience grew that we wanted a way to share that humor and passion with our friends and beyond. We didn't really have any plans for Yes Way Rosé beyond self-amusement at the time, we just thought if we liked rosé this much, we couldn't possibly be the only ones. Our followers seem to really appreciate our humor, which is light and dry (like our favorite rosés).

Why rosé? Why is it so cool now?
We think people love rosé for the same reasons we do: it’s all-around good vibes. It's easygoing, beautiful, something that's lovely to serve when you’re entertaining, and delicious with all kinds of food. Rosé is luxurious, but also reasonably priced, which makes it accessible and not overly serious.  

What are your top 3 tips for enjoying rosé?
1. Make sure it is perfectly chilled and share it with loved ones, preferably somewhere warm and outdoors.

2. Make rosé ice cubes and top it with club soda for a delicious summer spritzer. 

3. Drink rosé all year long! We’ve enjoyed rosé at Thanksgiving dinners, during winter storms and at an early spring wedding. We think it's the perfect all-season wine.  

What is your favorite memory including rosé? 
Last summer, right after we officially started Yes Way Rosé, we spent an amazing long weekend in Montauk. Our obsession had just kicked into high gear and the weekend involved a number of rosé inventions and activities, including a friendly game of rosé pong on the porch with friends.

What type of rosé is your favorite?
We tend to prefer rosés from Provence, specifically Côtes de Provence and Bandol. We like them dry and light in color. That pale pink/peach/salmon-y color is everything to us. There are also some incredible Napa rosés and a few from Long Island's East End we’ve had and loved.

All images via @yeswayrose