Important Life Lessons: How To Pair Wine and Chocolate

Category: Food

It’s February. Love is in the air, and wine and chocolate are a match made in heaven. As with any relationship, balance is the key — and the key to chocolate-pairing success is sweetness level!

Basically, you don’t want your chocolate to be sweeter than the wine you're pairing it with. Cupid would never match a sweet chocolate with a dry red wine. Sipping a red without any perceptible sweetness will taste sour and bitter after a bite of sweet chocolate. Not so lovely. The sweetness of the chocolate shouldn’t overwhelm the sweetness of the wine, and vice versa. This means you might need to do some research beforehand and have a few nibbles of chocolate before you pick out your wine.

After you’ve picked out your truffles and bars, go for the optimal tasting experience and start with lighter wines, finishing with more full-bodied reds. This can run the gamut from a sweet Moscato with white chocolate all the way to 85-percent dark chocolate with a Cabernet. Gather your friends, turn up the tunes, and start trying different kinds of wines and plates of chocolate to see what you like! Here are some of our favs:

  • salted caramel chocolate and Pinot Noir
  • dark chocolate with almonds and Cabernet Sauvignon
  • milk chocolate with strawberries and Chardonnay
  • bittersweet chocolate and Bordeaux
  • 65-percent dark chocolate and Chianti