Ten Wine Instagrams You Need to Follow

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Like the rest of the Internet, we love us some Instagram. But we’re tired of all the selfies and latte foam art — more wine photos, please! Here are our favorite wine-stagrammers you should start following now. If nothing else, they'll give you something to scroll through in awkward public situations.


You can just feel the love that goes into this family organic-winemaking affair with every picture from this husband-and-wife team. Even their cute kiddo gets in on the action.


The official Instagram of Bordeaux Wine Council, their profile is anything but hoity-toity. Beautiful French vineyards, fun facts about Bordeaux wine, and Parisian hipster-ness, however? Yep.


Our girl Whitney Adams provides us with a constant stream of hilarity and Negroni appreciation. We love her artsy photographs, the glimpses into her travels, and of course, checking out what she’s drinking.


We love the pink stuff  — and so do the Yes Way Rosé ladies. Everything comes up rosé as they share a very fashionable view through a pink-hued lense.


This ex-magazine editor and MTV producer is all about wine and pop culture. Find Taylor Swift and Jay-Z amoung party pics and some very scenic drinking inspiration.


Mike runs the wine program for Boulud Sud in New York. He pours incredible wines from magnum bottles and every night before service, he takes a picture of his fave wine out on the street. We love it not only because the wines are great, but because you always get some hilarious and random New Yorkers to check out.


Every photo from the online drink magazine makes us thirsty. Along with great cocktail inspiration, they perfectly capture the atmosphere of any given beverage that makes us wish we could pull up a seat right in the picture.


Winemaker André Hueston Mack’s Instagram has us craving Biggie hits all day. Plus, this guy is non-stop, so it’s always fun watching his travels around the nation.


Madeline Puckette is one of the co-founders of Wine Folly, and she uses her Instagram to document her travels as she trots the globe to taste wine.


We’re a community of wine enthusiasts trying to create the best way to buy, share, and discover wine. On Instagram that means sharing what we love to drink, as well as wine quotes and hilarity we dig, food pairings, and an occasional cute office puppy or two.