5 Reasons to Drink Rosé This Summer

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1. France, Spain, and California all make delicious Rosé... but more importantly, so does Brad Pitt!

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But really, he does... Check out the Vanity Fair Review

2. Vogue, NPR, & Bon Appétit all say Rosé is hot right now ...you know what else is hot?

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3. Rosé pairs well with everything: the beach, backyard BBQs, Sunday brunch... re-watching Fight Club for the "philosophical points."

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4. When it comes to Rosé, you want to drink the newest vintage. It doesn't age well ...unlike someone else we know.


5. There is no wrong way to drink Rosé.

a. The classy way


b. The not-so-classy way


c. ...off Brad's abs. 

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So if this doesn't convince you to pop open a bottle of Rosé right now, we don't know what will. Except maybe telling you a glass of Rosé will make you feel like this...

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