Why Wine Scores Are Useless

Category: Drink

Wine scores are so passé. More useful these days are personal recommendations from friends and emerging technologies that help you learn what you will like!

1. Find a palate match
People’s tastes vary widely, but if you find someone whose palate aligns with yours, keep an eye on what they like! This can be a wine blogger, a wine critic or someone who works in your local wine shop. You can also take a palate profile quiz to let technology help you decipher what types of wine you might enjoy.

2. Ask Questions
If you enjoy a wine at a restaurant or a friend’s house, ask them what the wine was and keep track of what types of wines you prefer. Although wines can vary across vintages, regions, grape varieties and even from bottle to bottle, if you find a type of wine that you like, it will make it easier to extrapolate and find others that might appeal to you.

3. Wine Apps & Research
What is it you like about a specific wine? If you start to learn what you like, then you can do some research and start to find out more about why you like a wine or not. There are a lot of resources out there and more knowledge is empowering when it comes to wine. Also, there are a lot of different wine apps that can help you keep track of what you liked and help you discover wines that might match your tastes. Some great apps include Drync and Snooth.