Frequent Flyer: Brian Smith

Club W's Chief Wine Officer Brian Smith recounts some of the perks and disadvantages of traveling for work along with some advice on how to make the most of your travels.

Meet The Artist Behind Funk Zone

Kelcey Fisher, also know as KFish, is the artist behind the label for our Funk Zone Syrah-Viogner blend from Santa Barbara.

A Winemaker's Journey to Burning Man, Creating a Wine Bar in the Desert

Tastemaker Grant Ebert takes us along on his trip to Burning Man where he brought the gift of wine.

Field Notes: Club W's Adventures In France

Club W's Chief Wine Officer Brian Smith travelled to France and brought along a camera so we could share in his quest to find new places making incredible wines at a great value.

A Fairytale Evening // Wine Pairing Dinner with Geri Hirsch

If there's one thing we love about California (besides wine), it's the amazing year-round weather. Pleasant temperatures mean garden parties are always an option.

Jargon or Gibberish? Organic vs. Biodynamic vs. Sustainable

These three words get thrown around a lot in the wine world, but what do they actually mean and why are they important?

Yes, You Should Be Drinking More (Great) Wine at Music Festivals

Peter Eastlake is the creator of Wine Lands. After 7 years, the now famous wine garden at the Outside Lands music festival is one of the best events on the schedule.

The Black Sheep of the Wine World - André Mack

André Mack started his career as a black sheep in the wine world. Seven years after launching his own wine company, he's got some of the funkiest labels around.

Yoga & Wine: A Match Made in Heaven

You can't go to the gym and then have a drink, can you? If that drink happens to be a glass of wine, you might just be doing your health a favor.

Do You Have What It Takes to Own a Vineyard?

While it may very well be a dream come true, owning and running a successful vineyard takes a great amount of hard work, dedication and a whole lot of patience.

Dining Out: Don’t Break the Bank

Dining out and properly exploring a restaurant’s wine list is almost always a budget buster. I’ve learned that you CAN get by without the breaking the bank over dinner, and so I’ve prepared this little cheat sheet.

LA Coffee Club

Here at Club W, we take our coffee as seriously (if not, more seriously) than our wine. So we were all very excited to have the folks from LA Coffee Club stop by to give us some insight on how to make a great cup of coffee.