Wine Workshop: How to Make Flower Vases

Today we are going to show you how to make some pretty cool flower vases (if we do say so ourselves) from your leftover wine bottles. Super easy and sure to be a conversation starter!

How To Tell If You're REALLY Allergic To Sulfites

Chances are that sulfites are not actually the culprit of you headache. What to know if you are allergic? Eat dried apricots.

Wine Workshop: How to Make Personalized Wrapping Paper

It's Wednesday which means WINE WORKSHOP! Here is how to create personalized wrapping paper.

Wine Workshop: How to Remove Wine Labels

Kicking off our new weekly D.I.Y. videos with the first step of most projects...Removing the wine labels.

Drink & Be Fit: Wine Runs

Caution: Running under the influence! Well... not quite but pretty close! We've put together a list of wine marathons that look so fun even the non-runners will be curious.

New Year's Traditions Around The World

Here in the United States we pop bubbly on New Year's Eve, but all around the world people have other traditions that make their New Year's Eve's special.

An Interview with Winemaker Mari Wells Coyle

Mari Wells Coyle is a winemaker with a taste for adventure in wine, food and life. She stopped by to chat with us about her new style of food and wine pairing.

Break Out the Popcorn: Wine Movies To Watch

When it comes to watching movies, the more wine in them, the better. Here are some of our favorite wine-centric movies.

Cookies & Wine = The NEW Cookies & Milk

Cookies and milk go great together and all, but we substituted wine for milk here at the Club W headquarters to liven up the cookie exchange.

6 D.I.Y. Projects That'll Get You Ready For The Holidays

Tis' the season of friends, family, yummy food and ...drumroll... D.I.Y. projects!

Not Your Grandma's Wallpaper

Flavor Paper is a wallpaper company located in New York, but they are not your average wallpaper company.

How To Drink With Co-Workers

Drinking with your co-workers can be fun, but you don’t want to be the one dancing on top of the bar and having to walk into the office the next day to whispers.