Wine Health Benefits 101: Procyanidins

There is an ongoing conversation among wine scientists, marketers and drinkers about the factors in wine that can contribute to good health and anti-aging properties.

Single Vineyard: Does It Matter?

The term single vineyard means that all of the grapes in a wine came from the same vineyard or designated area. You might see “Single Vineyard” on the label or it could have the name of the vineyard listed on the label.

Meet The Grape: Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc is well travelled and loves lots of different cuisines from spicy foods to seafood.

Hot or Not? Proper Serving Temperatures

The temperature a wine is served at can make all the difference. Often times, reds are served too warm and whites are served too cold. So what's the perfect temp?

Introducing Rust Grenache Blanc - A W Collaboration

Club W teamed up with the famed Chef Michael Voltaggio and up-and-coming California winemaker Chris Pittenger to create a unique, two barrel collaboration.

Timing is Everything: When To Start The Harvest

Harvest is upon us. With the season looming over us, we can’t help but wonder, what will this year’s harvest be like? Above all, when will the fruit be ready?

The Many Shades of Rosé - Does Color Matter?

Rosé comes in all different shades of pink. The color in a rosé (or a red wine) comes from the skins and is an indication of the body.

Meet The Grape: Carménère

Carménère originated in France, but has really found its footing in Chile. It has an inky violet color and goes great with savory foods.

Wine Diamonds: Not Precious Stone But Completely Harmless

Don't be alarmed by the presence of wine diamonds in your wine or on the cork - they are completely harmless and are not considered to be a defect.

What it Means to be Wild

YEAST is a vital component in wine fermentation. The biggest decision of all is whether to use commercial yeast or indigenous yeast.

How To Tell If Your Wine Has Gone Bad

Wine is unfortunately susceptibility to nature's elements. The 3 most common preditors of destroying a wine are cork taint, oxygen, and heat.

Meet The Grape: Viognier

Viognier is the first grape in our meet the grape series called Juicr. We'll be introducing grapes varieties in a fun and approachable way.