In The Event Of Leftover Wine

Once in a while, Tuesday night wine sipping may result in leftover wine. Here are four methods to help you preserve the wine for drinking a few days plus even more ways to transform that forgotten about Tuesday night bottle.

Meet The Grape: Cinsault

If you are a Pinot Noir fan that's looking to experiment, then Cinsault is your girl! Cinsault makes smooth and delicious wines with strawberry and cherry aromas.

Filtration For Dummies

Filtration might not be the MOST thrilling topic of all time. But it’s not as complicated as it might seem and can be an important aspect of the winemaking process, so let’s take a minute.

What Wine REALLY Costs

Let’s talk about something that many people like to keep hush, hush…and something you try to put out of your mind when you’re ordering a bottle of wine at a restaurant or buying at a retail wine boutique. Margins…markups.

Bottle Shock: Is it a thing?

Grapevines shut down at 96 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the proverbial “up yours” to the sun and the grapes temporarily stop ripening.

Meet The Grape: Airén

Airén is the most widely planted grape variety in the world. However, it is not often seen on shelves but it makes a great crisp wine for a great value.

The Many Shades of Chardonnay

There are many different shades of Chardonnay. From the light and crisp to the rich and opulent, from cool climate Burgundy to the sun kissed regions Down Under, people all over the world have their opinions about this grape.

Harvest: Time To Crush It

An entire year of grape growing and vineyard management funnels into 2-4 months of organized chaos during harvest. The following is a simple guide to how boutique wineries operate during crush.

This Week, Taste Something Extra-ordinary

It’s time to get out of that wine slump. There are too many, millions of wines actually, in the world to be sticking with something vanilla.

Meet The Grape: Mourvèdre

Mourvèdre, also known as Mataró or Monastrell is commonly used in blends in France, but when it is on it’s own, makes wines that have soft red fruit flavors and is seductive.

Meet The Grape: Lagrein

Lagrein is a rare Italian grape that comes from the Alto Adige region in Northern Italy. Wines made from Lagrein have a deep inky color and rich jammy fruit flavors that balance out its highly tannic and acidic structure.

Wine Health Benefits 101: Procyanidins

There is an ongoing conversation among wine scientists, marketers and drinkers about the factors in wine that can contribute to good health and anti-aging properties.