How Does a Winemaker Know When it's Time to Pick?

All year long, growers slave over their vines to ensure optimal vine health and growth. In the end, it all comes down to the harvest…and the decision of when to pick the grapes. After all of this work, after all of the slaving, choosing the right time to pick is a decision that must be made carefully and precisely.

Cocktail Corner: Refreshing Spritzers

Who says you can't have wine and a cocktail? Here are some delicious wine cocktails for those nights when a glass of wine is just not going to cut it.

How To Impress Your Guests, Just By Serving Wine

The holidays are here and it's likely that in the coming weeks, there will be numerous holiday celebrations including wine. Be prepared to wow your guests with your knowledge of wine service with these four tips.

Valdiguié, The Perfect Thanksgiving Wine

After much tasting, pairing, and practicing for Thanksgiving here in the Club W office, we’ve officially discovered the BEST Thanksgiving wine!

Why Small Lot Is Better

Small-lot wines are not more cost-efficient or easy but, at the end of the day, it’s the heart and soul that goes into the wine and the story behind it that makes it all worthwhile.

How Much Wine Do You Need? Wine Calculator for Parties

If you are planning a party, you definitely want to make sure that you have sufficient wine for your guests, but how much is too much.

Decanting 101: Why Your Wine Needs Some Air

Sometimes your wine could use a little air. This is how and why you should decant it.

Cocktail Corner: Halloween Edition

For this edition of Cocktail Corner, we brought you some Halloween-inspired cocktail complete with some wine, eyeballs, and gummy worms.

Crisper Whites for Crisper Weather

Just because the weather starts to cool down and winter hats start to re-emerge doesn’t mean we need to pack away our white wine glasses. White wine has its place in the fall.

Wine Label Decoder: Getting Past The Jibberish

Looking at a wine label in English can be mind-boggling, much less in another language. Different countries have different label styles and requirements, but luckily, there are a few basic elements of a wine label that are consistent among most of them.

In The Event Of Leftover Wine

Once in a while, Tuesday night wine sipping may result in leftover wine. Here are four methods to help you preserve the wine for drinking a few days plus even more ways to transform that forgotten about Tuesday night bottle.

Meet The Grape: Cinsault

If you are a Pinot Noir fan that's looking to experiment, then Cinsault is your girl! Cinsault makes smooth and delicious wines with strawberry and cherry aromas.