Your Spring Wine Bucket List

Are you looking to expand your palate, knowledge of wine, or just try something new this spring?! Here is your Spring Wine Bucket List.

Green Wines For Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, we thought we would highlight some of Club W’s most earth-friendly wines.

Taste Like A Pro With This Wine Tasting Grid

Are you looking to expand your tasting skills and/or pretend like you are a character in the movie Somm?! Check out this tasting grid.

How Big Should A Wine Pour Really Be?

Depending on where you are and who is pouring, the size of wine glasses can vary a lot. Here's some info on what the standard sizes of pours are.

Drink Like The Greeks And Romans

Muscat Blanc, or more formally known as Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains, is one of the oldest grape varieties in the world.

The Grape With A Mistaken Identity

Valdiguié is a grape you’ve likely never heard of and for good reason - the grape is not very well known and has suffered from a case of mistaken identity.

The Perfect Easter "Egg" Cocktail: Whiskey Sour with Wine

In the spirit of Easter, we are bringing you a cocktail with wine & egg: Whiskey Sour with Wine.

The Difference Between Table Grapes and Wine Grapes

Grapes are grapes, right? Not exactly – you may not want to bite into a wine grape next time you are in a vineyard.

Break Out Your Neon & Spandex: Wines Of The 80s Are Back!

Wines, just like fashion, fall in and out of style. The 80s aren't just the best decade to dress up in for a theme party.

What Is So Super About "Super Tuscans"

Super Tuscans hail from you guessed it, Tuscany, Italy. Like the Chiantis that made this region famous, they have achieved a cult-like status and are in high demand.

How Millennials Are Shifting Wine Preferences

A recent Rabobank study says that the younger, wine savvy generation is driving demand for high quality wines that go beyond the mainstream.

How Yields Affect The Quality Of Wine

California's total production of grapes in the 2014 vintage is estimated to be 8% lower than last year. Here's a breakdown of quality vs. quantity.