The 9 Most Common Wine Mistakes

The most common mistakes people make when buying, storing, and drinking wine. Try to avoid them to help make the most of your wine drinking experiences!

How One Man Changed the World of Wine

Robert Parker is considered to be one of the most influential people in the wine world and is famous for creating the 100 point wine rating system.

Why Not All Wine is Vegan

Believe it or not, not all wine is vegan! The most popular fining techniques involve products that are animal-derived such as egg whites, gelatin, fish bladder, and casein.

Fermentation Vessels: Why Do They Matter?

One of the most important decisions that a winemaker needs to make is what type of vessel the wine should live in.

Rosé from All Around the World

Rosé isn't from a specific grape of region. It's a genre of wine - like red, white, or sparkling - and you can make Rosé anywhere in the world, from almost any red grape.

Wine Pairing Guide: Wines for Every Occasion

Whether you are headed to a brunch with friends or meeting your significant other's parents for the first time, here's your guide on what wine to bring along for the occasion.

Tastemaker Roundup: How Do You Rosé?

Our Tastemakers answer questions about our favorite pink drink: What is your favorite way to, or place to, drink rosé? Do you have a favorite bottle?

What's Age Got to Do With It?

One of the most innately interesting things about wine is its ability to age, but is it worth it to let the wine age?

Why Wine Scores Are Useless

Wine scores are so passé. More useful these days are personal recommendations from friends and emerging technologies that help you learn what you will like!

White Wines for Red Wine Drinkers

For those people who prefer or exclusively drink red wines, here are some types of white wine that might help ease the red wine drinkers into the world of white wine.

Alcohol Levels In Wine: How Much Is Too Much?

In the past couple of years there has been a lot of talk about the rising alcohol levels in wine. The question is: how much is too much?

Is A Wine's Color Important?

It’s true. You can learn a lot about a wine’s flavors just by looking at your glass.