Pet-Nat: Fun, Fizzy, & Festive

Petillant Naturel, (also known as “Pet-Nat” and by tastemaker Whitney Adams as the “Pet-Nasty”) is THE new funky, fresh style of bubbly, though it’s been around in France since even before the famous Méthode Champenoise came into play..

Holiday Cocktail Corner: Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy's always make you feel better when you are sick and are sure to clear up the throat. However, they are also extremely delcisious.

Is Expensive Wine Worth The High Price Tag?

When gifting wine during the holidays, you definitely want to make sure you are giving them great wine, but when does that price tag actually make a difference?

Holiday Cocktail Corner: Spiked Eggnog

With the holidays comes drinking, so why not make it festive with some wine cocktails! Egg nog is a holiday classic, but we spiked it with a white wine.

5 Up & Coming Wine Regions You Need To Know About...

We decided to step outside of our Napa Valley comfort zone and into some of the new and vibrant wine regions that are blooming around the world.

Why You Can't Serve Red Wine Cold

Although there’s no law against drinking chilled red wine, there’s a pretty good reason why you shouldn’t.

Wake Up & Smell the Vanilla! Does it Matter What Your Wine is Aged in?

There are various vessels that wine can travel through in its journey from the vineyards to the bottle. Each of them has their own benefits and impact on the wine.

How Does a Winemaker Know When it's Time to Pick?

All year long, growers slave over their vines to ensure optimal vine health and growth. It all comes down to the harvest…and the decision of when to pick the grapes.

Cocktail Corner: Refreshing Spritzers

Who says you can't have wine and a cocktail? Here are some delicious wine cocktails for those nights when a glass of wine is just not going to cut it.

How To Impress Your Guests, Just By Serving Wine

The holidays are here, so that means there will be numerous celebrations. Be prepared to wow your guests with your knowledge of wine service with these four tips.

Valdiguié, The Perfect Thanksgiving Wine

After much tasting, pairing, and practicing for Thanksgiving here in the Club W office, we’ve officially discovered the BEST Thanksgiving wine!

Why Small Lot Is Better

Small-lot wines are not more cost-efficient or easy but, it’s the heart and soul that goes into the wine and the story behind it that makes it all worthwhile.