What's In A Vintage?

One might wonder…what exactly does the word “vintage” embody? How much does a wine’s vintage matter?

Wine Aromas 101

There are a lot of different outlandish things that fancy sommeliers are able to pick out of wine, but where do these aromas really come from?

Is Petit Sirah The Same As Syrah? What About Shiraz?

Despite the similarity in names, Petite Sirah may be known as Petite Syrah, but it is not the same grape as Syrah which can also be known as Shiraz.

Oxygen: Friend Or Foe?

Oxygen is a necessary evil when it comes to wine. Wine needs oxygen in order to ferment and to age, but it can also destroy wine.

Wine Trends for 2015

When the year turns, people tend to take stock of the year ending as well as make new predictions. Here are our thoughts on what will be hot in 2015.

A Dummy's Guide To Malolactic Fermentation

Malolactic fermentation, Secondary fermentation, MLF, ML or “Malo” for short, is the process in which malic acid in wine is converted to lactic acid.

Why Everyone Secretly Loves Merlot

Let’s be honest, Merlot has had a bad rap for quite some time now. But let’s not underestimate this grape just yet.

Trendspotting: Why Natural Winemaking Is On The Rise

Although confusing, the demand for natural and organic wine is on the rise and talk about it is not only coming from the consumers, but also the producers.

Steal vs. Splurge: Poor Man's Guide To Expensive Wine

If you don't want to break the bank for your next bottle of nice wine, we give you... The Poor Man's To Expensive Wine.

How A Pro Tackles Shopping For Wine

Even if you know exactly what you want, if you haven’t had that bottle before, you really don’t know what mysteries lie inside of it.

New Year's Resolution: Drink More Wine

We've got the perfect New Year's resolution for you... Drink MORE wine! Here's why...

Poppin' Bottles! How To Open Champagne

In honor of New Year's Eve, here's a video showing you how you should "technically" be opening Champagne.