What Are Wine "Legs"

Have you ever heard someone say, "Check out the legs on that wine." They don't actually tell you anything about the quality of the wine.

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5 Ways To Make Wine Taste Better

As you all know, wine is entirely subjective. Everyone has different likes and dislikes, different taste buds and different knowledge levels.

The Future Of French Wine

Even though some producers are starting to break away from the rules to make more innovative and better wines, French rules do not make it easy for producers.

Why Clones Are A Good Thing

People say that good wine starts in the vineyard---and we agree. You can’t make good lemonade out of bad lemons, right?

How Sweet is Sweet?

How sweet is sweet. With all the jargon in wine, it's sometimes hard to tell how much sugar there is going to be in that bottle of wine once you open it up.

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Why Old Vines Are Cool

Besides looking gnarled and weathered, old vines make some awesome wines because they can add layers of complexity in flavor.

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