Harvest: Time To Crush It

An entire year of grape growing and vineyard management funnels into 2-4 months of organized chaos during harvest. The following is a simple guide to how boutique wineries operate during crush.

This Week, Taste Something Extra-ordinary

It’s time to get out of that wine slump. There are too many, millions of wines actually, in the world to be sticking with something vanilla.

Meet The Grape: Mourvèdre

Mourvèdre, also known as Mataró or Monastrell is commonly used in blends in France, but when it is on it’s own, makes wines that have soft red fruit flavors and is seductive.

Do You Have What It Takes to Own a Vineyard?

While it may very well be a dream come true, owning and running a successful vineyard takes a great amount of hard work, dedication and a whole lot of patience.

Dining out: Don’t break the bank

Dining out and properly exploring a restaurant’s wine list is almost always a budget buster. I’ve learned that you CAN get by without the breaking the bank over dinner, and so I’ve prepared this little cheat sheet.

LA Coffee Club

Here at Club W, we take our coffee as seriously (if not, more seriously) than our wine. So we were all very excited to have the folks from LA Coffee Club stop by to give us some insight on how to make a great cup of coffee.

Meet The Grape: Lagrein

Lagrein is a very unique grape varietal that comes from the Trentino-Alto Adige region in Northern Italy. Wines made from Lagrein have a deep inky color and rich jammy fruit flavors that balance out its highly tannic and acidic structure.

Club W Employee Favorites for August

This is our second edition of employee picks where we ask five of the #clubwhq employes for the favorite wines from that month and send them home with a bottle and a camera.

Fried Chicken Sandwiches & Pet Nat: A Perfect Thursday

Last week at Club W Headquarters we hung out with two people that we greatly admire in the world of food & wine: Whitney Adams and Jesse Furman.

Emmy Pairings: What To Drink While You Watch

In honor of the Emmy’s we have picked out some beverages to enjoy with watching the Emmy’s inspired by some of the nominees.

Wine Health Benefits 101: Procyanidins

There is an ongoing conversation among wine scientists, marketers and drinkers about the factors in wine that can contribute to good health and anti-aging properties.

Single Vineyard: Does It Matter?

The term single vineyard means that all of the grapes in a wine came from the same vineyard or designated area. You might see “Single Vineyard” on the label or it could have the name of the vineyard listed on the label.