Field Notes: Club W's Adventures In France

Club W's Chief Wine Officer Brian Smith travelled to France and brought along a camera so we could share in his quest to find new places making incredible wines at a great value.

Cocktail Corner: Halloween Edition

For this edition of Cocktail Corner, we brought you some Halloween-inspired cocktail complete with some wine, eyeballs, and gummy worms.

Crisper Whites for Crisper Weather

Just because the weather starts to cool down and winter hats start to re-emerge doesn’t mean we need to pack away our white wine glasses. White wine has its place in the fall.

Wine Label Decoder: Getting Past The Jibberish

Looking at a wine label in English can be mind-boggling, much less in another language. Different countries have different label styles and requirements, but luckily, there are a few basic elements of a wine label that are consistent among most of them.

In The Event Of Leftover Wine

Once in a while, Tuesday night wine sipping may result in leftover wine. Here are four methods to help you preserve the wine for drinking a few days plus even more ways to transform that forgotten about Tuesday night bottle.

Meet The Grape: Cinsault

If you are a Pinot Noir fan that's looking to experiment, then Cinsault is your girl! Cinsault makes smooth and delicious wines with strawberry and cherry aromas.

Filtration For Dummies

Filtration might not be the MOST thrilling topic of all time. But it’s not as complicated as it might seem and can be an important aspect of the winemaking process, so let’s take a minute.

What Wine REALLY Costs

Let’s talk about something that many people like to keep hush, hush…and something you try to put out of your mind when you’re ordering a bottle of wine at a restaurant or buying at a retail wine boutique. Margins…markups.

A Fairytale Evening // Wine Pairing Dinner with Geri Hirsch

If there's one thing we love about California (besides wine), it's the amazing year-round weather. Pleasant temperatures mean garden parties are always an option.

Club W's Ultimate Cheese Guide

We can’t get enough cheese and wine…and can you blame us? And though we like all of them, we’ve come up with some hints on what goes best with what.

Jargon or Gibberish? Organic vs. Biodynamic vs. Sustainable

These three words get thrown around a lot in the wine world, but what do they actually mean and why are they important?

Yes, You Should Be Drinking More (Great) Wine at Music Festivals

Peter Eastlake is the creator of Wine Lands. After 7 years, the now famous wine garden at the Outside Lands music festival is one of the best events on the schedule.